Seema general private hospital will be the multi-purpose health center located in Erbil capital of Iraqi Kurdistan region and will be the most respected health center within following procedures within over 35 specialties

Cardiology ,Dentistry, Dermatology, ENT ,General Medicine ,General Surgery, Genecology, Gastroenterology ,Dietetics ,Diagnostic imaging, Allergology ,Neurology, Bariatric Surgery ,Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pediatrics ,Oncology ,Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Ophthalmology ,Urology , Vascular Medicine and Rheumatology .

About Us

Seema general private Hospital is idea extension of Seema eyes hospital which operated on 2006.

Based on idea of improving of health care in the region and country we have decide to construct fully loaded general hospital for this we applied to Kurdistan investment board for that purpose, we got official approval on 2008 and started construction on November 2013, the progress till date is around 65% and planned to be completed and operated on first quarter of 2017.

Seema Hospital with Modern Design.

Seema general hospital is constructed on plot within 11,400.0M2 and the total built area is around 32,000.0M2. The hospital is consist of four main buildings (Block A, Block B, Chemotherapy building and the building of Physician's apartments) in addition to level of auto park.

Block A contain the entrance and the reception of the radiotherapy patients, administration part with conference hall and the accommodation for paramedic staff male & Female.

Block B is consisting from the following departments:

Outpatients polyclinics, Full diagnostic center, Departments of IVF-ICU-CCU-Burn and dialyze ,Well-arranged 69 patient rooms, Five operation theaters with all their requirements, Full radiotherapy department within two linear accelerator and full set of brachytherapy in addition for their entire requirement from imaging and CT simulation, Radiology department including (MR, CT, X-ray, Mammography, Bone Densitometer and others), Dental Department , Optical department, Full emergency department with all requirement.

In addition to above department in Block B there are parts like (Full Kitchen and two restaurants, Full Laundry and other requirements) Chemotherapy building with all latest health care requirements with the oncology clinic and isolation room Residential building for physician within 24 appalments

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Seema Hospital / Iraq-Erbil 100m Road / opposite of Fakhir Mergasory international school


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